Introduction of rubber shock absorber for automobile

Introduction of rubber shock absorber for automobile

The upgrading of foreign cars is quite frequent. The automotive industry is facing a period of rapid transformation. The development is characterized by ensuring driving safety, riding comfort, driving speed and riding luxury, and further improving the service life of cars. At present, more than 600 kinds of elastomer products have been used in cars. In view of the different types of wheels, cars, cars, and suspension mechanisms, the types of rubber parts are different. In terms of product, variety and quantity, it is mainly used for automobile, which is divided into two parts, the spring and the spring. The vibration of the vibration source is the rubber shock absorber used in the engine and the transmission operating system. The damping of the transmission part uses a multilateral coupling to damp the clutch. Operating system with rubber bushings are respectively fixed load rod, using rubber coupling between the operating gear and shaft vibration, thereby cutting off the pavement recoil and front suspension. The shock absorber used on the front and rear suspension devices not only bear the weight of the car body, but also make the car body not pass the vibration of the wheel, suppress the irregular movement of the under spring mass, and transmit the power and braking force. Rubber buffer is one of the important shock absorbers of vehicle body. Its structural form is that two metal plates are sandwiched with rubber layer, and the purpose of buffering is achieved by shearing deformation of rubber. Recently, a cylindrical buffer with nitrogen and shock absorber oil has been developed, which is characterized by increasing the load capacity of the bumper (up to 20MPa), good damping effect and long service life.

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