Curing time

Under certain curing temperature, curing time is the minimum time required for optimum bonding strength. Different adhesives, due to its curing reaction types, the curing time is also different, such as free radical-curing acrylate adhesive, after it reaches a certain time, sudden increase in viscosity, quickly cured. Addition and condensation of Loctite adhesives as the curing time prolonged, viscosity, resulting in curing.

So when time is short, to incomplete curing of the adhesive, adhesive strength not only lower and connector durability, chemical resistance and this will decrease performance and curing time is too long, produces not only inefficient and a waste of energy, production costs increase. In practice under the license conditions are usually time-temperature equivalence principle, adopting higher curing temperature, curing time, curing, in order to eliminate the internal stress of some bonded, the need to post-process them in a certain temperature.