Curing temperature

The curing temperature is an important factor in the curing of the adhesive, not only determines the degree of cure, and determine the curing speed and bonding adhesive properties are also affected. Each adhesive has a specific range of curing temperature, curing made only in specified curing temperature-curing reaction. Curing temperature and curing time and interdependence, usually higher curing temperature, curing time will be faster, and vice versa, single-page should not be too low.

When the temperature is too low, some adhesives whatever extensions of time are difficult to cure. If the epoxy-polyamide adhesive, when the temperature is lower than 5 ℃, it is difficult to cure. For adhesive curing at room temperature, increasing the temperature favors the penetration and diffusion and precipitation of low molecular weight substances can completely curing, bonding strength and durability of adhesive joints can be improved. High temperature curing, curing temperature should not be too high, the heating should not be too fast, or adhesives will not have time to infiltrate or internal stress, resulting in bonding strength.

Best step by step cure heat curing adhesives, namely: first as high as mesophile temperature cured for a time, and then heats up, cured separately at different temperatures for a while, until up to the final temperature, holding it for some time. Cure end and not immediately withdraw from the heat source, cooling sharply, it will produce larger due to uneven shrinkage stress. Usually, slow bonded with heat and cooling, cooling to room temperature. Often used in the laboratory of electric stove with oven, in production use on pressure tank, hot press, high frequency and infrared heating device.